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Stacey Iverson

She comes all the way from Santa Cruz area to volunteer with us. It is a three-hour drive and we cannot thank her enough for making the long trek to Redwings. She even went one-step further and set up a donation tub at her local feed shop! We were overwhelmed by all of the generous donations from the patrons of Scotts Valley Feed. It was all thanks to Stacy’s hard work and dedication. We recently asked Stacy to say a few words about why she makes the trek to Redwings and what she likes most about her experience here.
“One of the best things about being a volunteer at Redwings Horse Sanctuary is knowing that I am making a difference. When I started volunteering, I wasn’t sure exactly how I could contribute or be most useful. I have a lifetime of horse experience, but I wanted to directly help horses in a sanctuary situation and learn hands-on. Volunteers are the heart of Redwings – even small efforts make a big difference. Redwings staff welcomes everyone, and anyone can help horses in need.
I love to spend time grooming the horses, especially those that are shy or need extra care or understanding. Sometimes just sitting or standing with the horses, talking to them, or not saying anything at all is what they ask for. Other days, it’s quite busy brushing dusty bodies and long tangled tails. There is always something fun to do and the horses thrive on the personal attention. Every time I volunteer, I leave feeling lighter, happier and fulfilled, and trying to think of more ways I can help. I always feel that I have received much more than I have given. Every horse deserves a safe, loving home for life – thanks to Redwings for being there.”
-Stacey Iverson

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