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Pam Shreeves

My first visit to redwings Horse Sanctuary was in October of 2006, and I immediately fell in love with the Lockwood ranch and the horses. Sooo, being a horse lover all of my life, I signed up for their Volunteer Training Class. Soon I was volunteering one to two times a week, sometimes three! Redwings is always looking for volunteers to help the staff provide the highest standard of care for their horses and burros. If you want to work with equines, taking this class is the first step.

The time I have spent at Redwings Horse Sanctuary has made me aware of the fact that there are so many horses in need. Most of the horses at Redwings have been abandoned or are from abusive or neglected backgrounds. Seeing them arrive at the ranch and witnessing the transformation of their condition and quality of life (being well-fed, retrained and adopted, or becoming permanent residents) has been very rewarding for this horse lover. All of them immediately become a member of the Redwings family for life.

These horses have been through so much before they come to Redwings. You have to understand why I was so thrilled last April, when I was standing at the top the driveway at 6875 Union Road, jumping up and down and clapping, when I saw the first trailer coming down the road with the first group of horses arriving at their new home! I was like a child, I was so happy for them. And each day after that with each group, until the very last day when the last four with the most “special needs” to travel arrived, was like a holiday! It was a very special time I will never forget. -Pam Shreeves 1/21/2022

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