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Dr. Yvonne Robinson-Buss and Don Buss

We salute a very special couple, Dr. Yvonne Robinson-Buss and her husband Don Buss who fly to California from Pennsylvania twice a year to visit Takoda, an Appaloosa at Redwings with whom they’ve formed a strong bond and attachment. When the couple arrives at Redwings it’s not just to visit Takoda. For a week at time they’re at-the-ready helping with chores and upkeep at the Lockwood Ranch. We wanted to share this special story of one couple’s unfailing support of Redwings for the past 12 years. We asked Dr. Robinson to tell her story in her own words:
“Why we love Redwings, and return at least 2 times a year. As a child my extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins all had horses. I spent so many hours walking them and riding whenever possible. However as a small child of 6 years I was already training extensively in piano. My parents knew that I had an advanced talent so being careful with my hands was paramount in my life. When I repeatedly asked my dad if we could get our own horse, he said that we could but if we did I’d have to give up my piano work. My mom asked my piano instructor about the idea. She felt I was going to have a large career ahead so I gave up the horse idea, but never forgot my love. I did go on to Juilliard where I eventually received my doctorate, traveled the world in my career and vowed in my heart to get my own horse someday.
When we found Redwings to support almost 12 years ago, we traveled to California, met our “special boy” Takoda, and fell in love with Redwings. Sooo, our traveling to the west coast several times a year allows me to have my horse, as well as sharing time with my husband in volunteering to paint around the ranch. And I still continue my active teaching and concert career with my hands in tact! My husband Don is a real supporter of me and Redwings, and he is the head of Redwings east coast painting volunteers!”

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