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Dawn Peterson

I am so happy that I have found my way back to horses. I grew up with ponies and horses when I was little, but life happens, and I developed other interests in life.

I became a flight attendant & traveled the country and the world for 20 years. During many of my layovers & vacations, I would always try to find a horse riding experience or tour of some sort.

It's funny how life happens. During Covid, I had an offer I couldn't refuse. I was able to retire from the airlines with some amazing benefits. As I like to say, "I defected" from Minnesota to Paso Robles during Covid about two years ago & couldn't be happier. I am so happy that RedWings is a part of my life.

I help Melissa teach the New Volunteer Training Classes, and I love it. I know volunteers are an important part of this operation, and it makes me happy to share my love and knowledge of this beautiful, magical place!

We have so many new horses that I need to get better acquainted with, but right now, my top five favorite horses would be Miller 'On Draft,' Lulu, COA, Apollo, Lil Bit, & most definitely William.

William has a beautiful story that I share every time I give a tour, but if I could sum him up in one word, it would be RESILIENT.

Thank you, Redwings, for moving to Paso Robles!!!

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