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Jorge Padilla

Ranch Manager

In January of 2018, Redwings was fortunate to have Jorge Padilla join our team. Jorge has had a long and successful career in equine care and ranch management. For the past 22 years, Jorge worked at a very large Thoroughbred breeding farm on the central coast. He has a wide range of experience ranging from horse handling and mare and foal management to ranch maintenance and repair. Jorge started as an equine care assistant at Redwings, handling daily treatments and medications for our horses, but he was quickly promoted to Ranch Manager. Today Jorge oversees a team of five ranch hands and is responsible for keeping the ranch operating smoothly. He also continues to work with the horses daily as part of the equine care team. Jorge’s dedication to the horses is evident in the care he takes with every task, and he works hard every day to make their lives happy, healthy and safe.

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