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Level 2

Redwings Arrival:



Ganamedes "Mr. G"



Andalusian X

In early June, we got a call from a woman who runs a small boarding facility. She was inquiring about what to do with two horses that had been abandoned on her property. The horses were originally brought to the facility by their owner for temporary boarding for a month or two while she was moving. Soon after dropping off the horses, the owner seemed to disappear and would not return calls or texts from the facility owner about the horses. Months went by with no contact with the owner and no payment for the board owed on the two horses. After ten months, the facility owner could no longer afford to feed the horses with no board payment coming in and reached out for help.

Redwings' mission is to rescue abandoned horses, but we needed to make sure that we legally could take the horses and that they were truly abandoned. The facility owner reached out to animal services and law enforcement but received no help from them. She consulted with a lawyer and was then finally able to get in touch with the mother of the woman who owned the horses. The mother was able to get in touch with her daughter and discovered that she was homeless and living in an RV in another state. The mother was able to help convince the owner that she was no longer able to keep the horses and that the best thing to do was surrender them so they could find new homes. Reluctant at first, the owner thought about it and decided in the end that the best thing for the horses was to sign them over to the facility owner so she could surrender them to Redwings.

Redwings drove south later that week to pick up the two horses. Thanks to the facility owner, the horses were in great condition and had been well cared for while at her facility. The horses were eager to hop in our trailer on their way to a better future at Redwings. Mr G. has since been adopted to a loving and caring home.

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