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Dark Bay

Thoroughbred X

It’s heartbreaking to think of this beautiful horse tied on a 30-foot chain in the middle of a
field in the scorching heat with no water and no food. While no one knows how long he’d been
out there, it just took one caring individual to put an end to William’s suffering by reporting his
situation to Tulare Animal Services. Nothing could have prepared the investigating officer for what
she found.
As you can imagine, William was completely emaciated having used up all his body fat
and muscle to stay alive. He was covered in fungus, his hair was falling out in huge clumps and
his hooves were in terrible condition. While we knew it would take a significant effort to nurse
William back to health, we just couldn’t turn him away when Tulare Animal Services reached out
to us. We knew William deserved all the love and attention he was about to get from us and our
incredible, caring volunteers.
Through the generosity of a woman who donated her time and her trailer, William arrived
at our sanctuary a few days later. Like the Animal Services investigator, we weren’t prepared for
what we saw. Not only was William in really bad shape, he had a weak heart with a grade 5 heart
murmur, and on his first day with us, our veterinarian had to clear some feed from his esophagus
after he choked. We also saw some bulging veins on the side of his head, which the veterinarian
believes can be attributed to some past trauma. And while he was badly in need of dental work, it
couldn’t be done until William regained some of his strength. And so the journey began.
Following the UC Davis recommendations for refeeding, our team dedicated themselves to
giving William small amounts of food around the clock. Clearly, William had a strong will to live
and quickly responded to the love and care he was being given. We were thrilled to see how
quickly he put weight on – faster than any other emaciated horse we’ve ever worked with! In fact,
in just six weeks, William went from a body score of 1 (emaciated) to a body score of 5 (ideal body
Regaining his weight and his strength, we
were able to address his dental issues. The vet
was shocked at the condition of his mouth. It was
obvious William had not had dental work done
in a very long time, if ever. We also cared for
his hooves, with his right front foot in such bad
condition it took months of corrective trimming to
get the hoof looking normal again. And while he
still bears the marks of the fungus that was so deep
it left scars and white hair, we believe he wears
them proudly as a sign of all the challenges he so
bravely endured and overcame.
Which brings us back to the power of the
collective caring of our staff and our volunteers.
Together, we can work miracles; and William is
just one example of the meaningful work we’re
doing with your help. Today, William is a picture of
health. He has tons of energy and enjoys galloping
around in the turnout pasture. He is truly thriving
and is now where he belongs – in a place where he
is happy and loved.