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Buckskin Paint


Lulu came to Kings County Animal Services in October 2018 as an owner surrender. She was thin, and the owners were being evicted and decided it was best to surrender her to the shelter. At that time, they stated that Lulu was lame in the front. The shelter had the vet come out and look at her – she had a body score of 3 and was not doing well. The first two weeks at the shelter were rough for Lulu. Her belly was full of sand, and she was having a hard time passing it. She went down a few times during those first two weeks. The shelter got her well, and she was adopted by one of the staff member’s tenants in November 2018. They weren’t going to ride her, and they just wanted a pet. They had to move and couldn’t take her with them, and returned Lulu to the shelter in 6/2020. Lulu stayed at the shelter for two months before they could find another adopter, a good friend of the shelter who had a friend looking for a horse. Lulu left in 8/2020 for her second home. A good friend of the shelter called frantic about a week later, stating her friend took Lulu out and rode her. The good friend was furious and went and retrieved Lulu from her friend and decided to keep her. She took Lulu to the vet to get radiographs to ensure there was no damage after being ridden. Per vet notes – Lulu is very lame on the right front and slightly lame on the left front, but the vet cleared Lulu for small riders. Lulu has to be shoed in the fronts every eight weeks. Unfortunately, the good friend had to return Lulu in 1/2022 because of personal hardship.

The shelter called the vet out to do another exam when Lulu returned. Their vet diagnosed her with Navicular disease and recommended an Osphos injection. The vet stated she has seen some horses recover enough to be ridden. This injection will be needed every 8 to 12 months.

Kings County Animal Services contacted Redwings in February 2022 to see if we could take Lulu on. Our board of directors agreed, and we brought Lulu back to her new home at Redwings on February 18, 2022. She traveled well and settled in very quickly in her new home. She quickly made a friend in Molly and is doing great.

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