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Level 2

Redwings Arrival:


Feb 2024

Apprx. 2016



Grey & white paint

Miniature Horse

Just before the holidays in 2023 Animal Services in Northern California were contacted by a concerned citizen that reported a neglected pony. When the officers arrived, they were shocked to see a little miniature horse in very bad condition. The poor pony was thin with horribly overgrown hooves and worst of all she had been attacked by a dog that left her with an open and infected wound on her hind leg.

Thankfully the owner was willing to surrender June knowing that he could not care for her. She was then immediately taken to the vet for treatment. At the vet hospital, June was quickly admitted, and the team began treating her injuries. The vets found a gaping wound on her left hind leg with extensive muscle damage. Due to the injury, June was partially dragging her left hind leg and had reduced mobility. In addition to the wound, the vets addressed June's overgrown hooves that were 5" beyond normal break over, which is a significant amount considering her small size. Her hooves were also diseased, showing evidence of laminitis and hoof wall separation. The vets cautioned that June was at risk of colic and further laminitis issues that could be fatal.

June was bandaged and put on strong antibiotics and has made a miraculous recovery. Once her hooves were trimmed, she started to move more comfortably, she was ready to come to Redwings. When she arrived, June was timid and shy, but now she is gaining confidence and looks forward to coming out of her stall for walks and grooming. June's wound has almost completely healed. She will always have a big scar and a funny gait due to loss of range of motion from scar tissue, but she is happy, safe and healthy at Redwings.

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