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Level 2

Redwings Arrival:






Dark Bay

Quarter Horse X


Every horse at Redwings has a different story, most of them have been rescued from terrible situations, and Jack’s story is no different.

Divorces are never easy. They are often devastating to families, especially when children are involved. We often forget that animals are affected by divorce as well. Jack lived a happy life with his owner for many years until his owner went through a divorce. When the divorce was complete, Jack’s owner moved out of the area and left him in the care of her ex-husband. Soon the ex-husband found a job out of the area, and the property where Jack lived was put up for sale. The ex-husband was not home much due to his work schedule in another county, and he thought he had made arrangements for the horse to be fed by someone in the neighborhood. The sad news is the neighbor was not feeding him, and Jack was slowly starving to death.

One day a local realtor came to show the property to some clients who were interested in purchasing property in the area. When she took her clients out to see the horse facilities, she was horrified to find an emaciated little bay gelding abandoned in the paddock. The realtor quickly jumped into action, knowing that the horse was in very bad condition, and contacted the property owner to make arrangements to move the horse. The ex-husband signed the horse over to the realtor, and she took him to her home. A vet was called out to examine the horse and recognized him immediately. She had been his veterinarian for many years and was horrified to see the condition that he was in. He was a body score of 1, all his ribs and hip bones were clearly visible, and he was considered emaciated.

Jack was safe at the realtor’s home, but he needed a permanent home where he could return to full health and happiness. The realtor and her husband heard about Redwings from a friend and immediately called to see if we could offer Jack a home at our sanctuary. The board of directors quickly voted to accept Jack, and a week later, the Redwings staff and trailer pulled up to take Jack on the journey to his new home at Redwings.

Jack is about 20 years old, very gentle and kind, and in great health now.

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