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Redwings Arrival:





Chocolate Brown


We saved Poppy and her baby with four other equines from a slaughter auction in Texas just days before their scheduled departure, and now we will give them the life they deserve. Poppy and her baby boy, Sebastian, who was 4-6 months old, were in good condition other than being thin. Our staff will work to gentle and halter break this adorable pair. Why did these horses end up at auction? While we do not know the others’ stories, it’s estimated that one hundred thousand horses in the United States end up on slaughter transport each year. Many are former show or ranch horses, family horses that gave kids their first ride, old horses that can no longer support a rider, and even wild horses. We will never know precisely how and why they ended up at the auction that day. With many families facing hardship this winter, the need for rescue and the need for your support is stronger than ever. For these lucky six plucked from the slaughter truck, Redwings covered their purchase costs, quarantine in Texas, health certificates and Coggins tests, and transport fee for a 24-hour trip to California. They arrived after dark, and we were so pleased to welcome them after their long journey to begin a new chapter at Redwings. We are incredibly grateful for the support of the Bank of the Sierra, whose grant helped support both this effort and other rescues in 2020. A special thank you to our partners in Texas, Hoof and Souls Rescue, for their help in this rescue and Witherspoon Horse Transport for bringing the horses to Redwings.

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