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Level 1

Redwings Arrival:


Approx. 1991




Breeding Stock Paint

In 1992 a 2-year-old bay gelding came to CHAPS. He was a breeding stock paint with a sweet and gentle disposition. His registered name was Far Player, and a call name of Player was chosen for him.
Soon after his arrival in early 1993, a woman named Barbara adopted Player for her husband, Kirk. Kirk broke Player to ride and trained him for roping. For years Player and Kirk traveled all over California competing in roping events. Player was a prized member of Barbara and Kirk’s family.
In 2011 Kirk passed away, and Player was left in Barbara’s care. He remained her treasured friend until she was forced to make the tough decision to leave California and move to Colorado. She knew that a big move to a totally different climate would be very hard on Player, so she decided to contact Redwings. Redwings was happy that Barbara and Kirk had given Player such a wonderful home for 20 years and quickly agreed to accept Player back into the herd at the Lockwood Sanctuary.
Player did not stay at the sanctuary for very long. Less than a year after he returned to Redwings, a family called looking for a quiet horse that would be safe for an 8-year-old girl. The family came out and met Player, and the young girl fell in love. Player now lives on their beautiful ranch in Arroyo Grande, California.

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