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Level 3

Redwings Arrival:

August 2023

April 2023



Dark Bay

In September we received a desperate plea from a rescue partner in Southern California. They needed help to place a mare and her 4 month old foal quickly. The mare and foal were at a feed lot waiting for the next auction and their future was not looking good. The mare and foal had auction stickers on their hind quarters, so they had obviously already been through an auction before arriving at the feed lot. The mare was very skinny from not having good enough nutrition and having to support a growing foal that was still nursing, and both were in need of hoof care.

We found out that they had been rounded up off the Apache Reservation when the foal was very young and that they were completely feral. The mare has huge dread locks in her mane and tail that will need to be groomed out once we get her gentle.

Redwings chose Apache names for the two horses. The mare is named Ela which means "earth" and the filly is named Doole which means "butterfly". The staff will be working to gain their trust in the coming weeks and get both gentle and halter broke.

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