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Level 2

Redwings Arrival:

Born Here


Black Jack


Dark Bay

Quarter Horse X

Black Jack’s mother, Circe, was rescued from a neglect case in Morgan Hill, California, in November of 2014.  At the time of her rescue, she was thin and nursing a filly, who we named Atte.  After weaning her filly, Circe was put in a big pasture with two other mares, where she thrived and returned to total health.  In March of 2015, the equine care supervisor noticed that Circe was looking a little overweight, so her feed was reduced, but Circe kept gaining weight.  A few weeks later, it became very apparent that Circe was not fat. She was pregnant.  For the next month, the staff kept a close eye on Circe and prepared for the arrival of her foal.  Finally, Circe showed signs that her foal could come any day.  The equine care supervisor stayed up three nights waiting for the foal.  On May 26, 2015, Circe gave birth to a beautiful dark bay colt.  After a vote among our Facebook followers, the little colt was named Black Jack.  BlackJack stayed with Circe for five months before he was weaned.  He is healthy and has a very outgoing and sweet disposition.  He was adopted and is now in a very loving home.

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