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Redwings Arrival:







In May of 2000, Redwings was involved in the rescue of a herd of 110 mustangs living on only two acres in Montana.  The horses once roamed free in the Pryor Mountains of Montana.  After being rounded up by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), a few horses were adopted by a man who wanted to save these beautiful horses and let them live on his two acres in Montana.  Unfortunately, the man knew very little about horses and allowed them to breed year after year, and the herd quickly grew to numbers far too large for their small pasture.  Over time the elderly man fell ill and ran out of money, and the horses' numbers were out of control, so the horses were beginning to starve.  The man could not afford to feed them, and the land could not sustain their numbers.  Law enforcement stepped in and charged the man with abuse, and the county was scheduled to come in and remove the horses.  Their future was uncertain, and it was possible that they would be sent to auction.
When Redwings arrived, the horses were in deplorable condition due to a lack of food, water, and hoof care.  Immediately Redwings began to make arrangements to move some of the herd to the sanctuary in Lockwood.  Meanwhile, all the horses were moved to a more extensive pasture in a new location.  After a brief stay in Colorado to build their strength, Redwings was able to transport 6 of the most malnourished horses to the sanctuary.  Among the first six horses were a mare and foal in terrible condition.  The mare we named Ellie was barely three years old, very young to have a foal of her own, and she was skinny.  Her tiny foal, which we named Beauty, was also very thin and weak.  Beauty also had a hernia that required surgical repair after she arrived at Redwings.  Ellie and Beauty were kept separate from the herd while they regained their strength and became comfortable with being handled.  After they regained their health, they were reunited with their other four herd mates.

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