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Redwings Arrival:



Alamo’s Angel “Angel”




In August of 2014, a Redwings volunteer went to the Santa Rosa Racing Fair to finalize the paperwork and arrange transportation of a racehorse with a bowed tendon. While she was there, another trainer tracked her down and asked if Redwings would accept one of his horses with a condylar fracture of the left front leg. Otherwise, her owner was planning to put her down. Redwings reviewed the track x-rays and consulted with our veterinarian to make sure there was hope for a good recovery. We were advised that this mare could make a full recovery with proper rehabilitation.
The mare could not be moved until the fracture had time to heal a little, so Alamo’s Angel spent two months at Lost Hearts and Souls Rescue of Santa Rosa, California. There she was well cared for and began her long road to recovery. She needed her cast changed weekly and had to be on strict stall confinement if the fracture was to heal correctly.
Finally, after two months, Angel was ready for the 5 1/2-hour trailer ride to Lockwood. It was a bitter-sweet departure for her caregivers in Santa Rosa. They were happy that she had a good home at Redwings but were sad to say goodbye to the mare that had touched their hearts during her short stay.
On October 10th, the Equine Care Supervisor drove to Santa Rosa and brought her home. Angel spent six months in strict stall confinement, and for the first four months, she wore a gel cast that had to be changed weekly. Angel began limited turnout in a tiny paddock in the following two months and started hand walking. Finally, after ten months, Angel was allowed out into a small pasture with one quiet friend, the other thoroughbred that we originally went to see at the track the day we heard about Angel. Hank and Angel became best friends immediately. A year after her injury, Angel was finally able to be turned out in a large pasture with lots of friends. She galloped freely and didn’t take a single bad step. It was a long road to recovery, but it was all worth it to see Angel run again.
Angel is now sound and completely healthy. She now enjoys life in a big pasture.

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